ZoomControl V1.1 (free) --- Zoom-R16 project control tool
(Control tool for users of a Zoom R16 Audio Recorder)

Download ZoomControl V1.1 !! (zoomcontrol11.zip)
(Freeware, now multi-language version incl. german, english, Look here for german description)

Short description:
Zoom Control is used to display clearly the many recording settings of the Zoom R16 projects (status, pan, file mappings, equalizer, reverb, chorus, faders for all (!) tracks and also to adjust them faster and easier!
To do that only the file PRJDATA.ZDT of a Zoom R16 project will be loaded and written back. During a current recording session, the zoom unit may briefly connected as "Card Reader" via USB to the computer to adjust project parameters, generally the program is independent from operation of a zoom device. (Alternatively you also may plug in the SD-Card to the computer.)
The software:
Download and use is free, documentation does not exist (only a few help context hints built-in), the user interface has been designed to be intuitive as far as possible, knowlegde of mode of operation of the Zoom R16 device is provided, of course. No installation is required (simple zip file, unzip it into any directory), the Windows registry is not read or even modified. Zoom Control is designed with Delphi5, it has been thoroughly tested under WinXP and Win7, a responsibility for the functions and possible malfunction is not yet guaranteed!
Main Function: Display/Set all track record/play parameters: status, pan, WAV-file mappings, equalizer, reverb, chorus, transport marks etc. ...
Project/audio file information and listing output.
Project search by project file, project name, audio file mappings and file information.
Display of other project settings: Record format and mode, EFX settings (but only rudimentary ) ...

The program is still being developed as needed, feedback and tips to improvements or errors are welcome!
(Contact: s. Impressum)

Download ZoomControl V1.1 !! (Freeware, Deutsch+Englisch)

(Act: 1.03.2019)